Onyx is the the theme that means business. The light styles can be a great fit for corporate sites like attorney's offices, insurance agents, or IT businesses. The dark styles are great for photographers, designers, and just about any other business looking for a nocturnal, yet vibrant look and feel.

Theme Screenshots

Features Overview

  • Easy Content Templates
  • Unique Widget Styles
  • Sliders Anywhere
  • Tabs & Toggles
  • Editor Integrated Short Codes
  • Admin Panel Options
  • Multiple Widget Locations
  • Integrated Typography w/ Bonus Styles
  • Multiple Color Styles
  • Multi-Level Navigation
  • Individual Page Layouts
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Commented CSS for Easy Customization
  • Simple Admin Panel
  • Solid & Secure Framework

Onyx Theme Features

Easy Content Templates

The Onyx theme comes with 5 beautiful “content template” layouts which help your content look clean and professional right from the editor interface. A huge time saver!

Unique Widget Styles

The Onyx theme advances WordPress by giving you control over each individual widget’s style. Got something you want to make stand out in your sidebar? It’s only a single click away.

Sliders Anywhere

Onyx has a built-in “Slideshow” custom post type. This allows you to compose as many sliders as you wish, using various effects, transitions, and mixed content types. and can be inserted in any Page pr Post on the fly.

Tabs & Toggles

Often times, you have a lot to say, but don’t want your content to get crowded. Onyx lets you insert stylish tabbed panels and accordion toggles straight from the editor. Your content will almost effortlessly stand out with a professional look and feel.

Editor Integrated Short Codes

Shortcodes are great, but do you ever feel like there are just too many to remember? Onyx has them all built-in to the editor interface. You can insert columns, tabs, toggles, slideshows, and more with a single click.

Admin Panel Options

Everyone likes to do certain things a little different. We’ve added up all the little quirks of a WordPress site and put them into a powerful admin panel. You’ll have access to these options without the need to touch code.